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Grooming Policy

If a dog arrives in a severely matted condition (please see full groom) it is my policy to clip off the entire coat, using a very short blade. To try and groom out a matted coat is extremely stressful and painful for dogs and is considered cruel. Owners need to be aware that this will dramatically change the appearance of their pets. Your dog's hair will be very short and this may also expose pre-existing skin conditions.
I appreciate this may be a shock to some customers but you have to remember it is done with your dogs welfare in mind. Their coat will soon grow back and with regular grooming afterwards your dogs coat can be kept long in the future. Your dog will feel much more comfortable and happy once the matted coats has been removed. You may also find they seem much more full of life and energy once their coat has been removed.
I will always discuss this with you prior to clipping off your dogs coat. You will also be asked to sign a form of consent, agreeing to everything we discuss prior to clipping off your dog's coat, if required.


I do understand that clients will sometimes need to change/cancel appointments, however I do ask that you please give me 24 hours notice. That will allow me to offer your slot to another client.

Same day cancellations or missed appointments will incur a £20 charge, payable before the next appointment.


Is due on collection of your dog. I accept cash or cheque payments or bank transfer in advance


I only use professional shampoo that has been specifically designed for use on dogs and cats. I have 2 different ranges of shampoos which both have different products to meet the needs of my clients. Please discuss any special needs your dog might have when you arrive.
The first range is from Groomers. Please visit their website for full details. They have a very wide range of products to suit virtually any need, but some examples of the shampoo I use are:

Groomers blue pearl coat enhancer, which features a special whitening formula to help remove tear, saliva and urine stains from white coated breeds.

Groomers medicated shampoo with tea tree oil, which is known for its anti bacterial properties and good for dogs that get itchy/flaky skin.

Groomers detangling shampoo is formulated with a slip agent that coats the hair even after washing, allowing the coat to be brushed out more easily and untangled more quickly, as the loose hair slips against the live hair.

Groomers Puppy shampoo which is gentle on young sensitive skin.

The second range of shampoo is new to me with the take over of “The Dog Wash Lady” business. The range is Wild Wash and is 100% natural, please refer to their website for full details

Policies & Practices. Wild wash


Please make sure your dog is wearing a collar and lead to avoid the risk of flight or accident.

Polite Notice

Please ensure your dog has been adequately walked and toileted before arrival for its groom as this helps to ensure your dog is more relaxed before grooming commences.

New Clients

Please allow a little extra time for your first appointment to discuss your dogs needs and what cut you would like.

All new clients will need to complete a client information and consent form at their first appointment.


I occasionally take before and after photos which I put up on either my Facebook page or website. These photos remain the property of Aliwags. If you would rather your dog was not included, then please let me know.

Thank you

I would like to say thank you to all my clients that have allowed me to use pictures of their dogs on this web site.


I never want to muzzle a dog and will try whatever I can to avoid it. Putting a muzzle on can often distress a dog futher. Having said that I will not put myself at risk. If you know your dog can be aggressive and needs to be muzzled please let me know when you arrive. I understand grooming can be a stressful experience for some dogs and I do what I can to try and prevent this.

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